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Welcome to Élevage de Volailles

Élevage de Volailles is our small homestead on 70 acres in Loudon, New Hampshire dedicated to genetic preservation. With today’s commercialization of food too many domesticates that once graced our farms and tables find themselves facing extinction. Our goal is not to create a temporary placement for our traditional breeds and varieties, but to preserve their genetics permanently for future generations. We believe that only through this mindset can we procure a true security for our future, and for those generations that will follow after us.

"Securing our future, through preserving our past, one clutch at a time"

Élevage de Volailles is built not only on the importance of genetic preservation, but is also built on the idea that everything we produce should be available to our customers directly. We hope to bring you some of the highest quality fresh poultry available without feeling that you must find elite restaurants to enjoy this quality; we believe everyone should enjoy the finest foods, everyday.