Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs

Leghorn Eggs

Our chickens live a life free from legal labels and marketing terms which gives you the freedom from inferior egg flavor, lack of freshness, and inflated prices. Our chickens do not live a life trapped in chicken tractors, or overcrowded in large operation hen houses. All our chickens are allowed to range, hunt, and be chickens freely. As all of our eggs come as a result of our breeding programs, the hens that lay our eggs are not just egg layers, but our valuable breeding stock; which means that our chickens probably get pampered more than the average chicken. All this means that you get healthy and great tasting eggs at realistic prices.

All of our eggs are collected, washed, and graded each day. We package all of our eggs in clean, unused PET plastic cartons which are lightweight, strong, and 100% recyclable. We follow all USDA and NH State regulations in regards to our grading, labeling, and storage of our eggs.

2017 Chicken Egg Prices
Jumbo $3.50
Extra-Large $3.25
Large $3.00
Medium $2.75

All our eggs are available daily at the farm, on a first come first serve basis. For our customers that prefer to have their egg needs filled with consistent availability we offer yearly Egg Share Subscriptions to meet your needs.

Egg Share Subscriptions - $148.20/year

With an Egg Share subscription you receive your eggs consistently each week for a full year; and at the discounted price of $2.85/dozen you receive all the benefits of Farm Fresh Eggs at a price that is hard to beat. By purchasing an Egg Share subscription with us you are investing in the future by helping us continue and maintain our breeding programs. With your yearly subscriptions we are better able to develop a healthy forecast of what we can support; enabling us to maintain a correctly size flock for our customer base needs, as well as develop and fund the current years breeding program to continue in preservation and improvement of our chickens. Contact us if you have questions, or to start a subscription.