White Embden Geese (Emder Gans)

Embden Geese on range White Embden Geese

Thought to have originally been developed in the North Sea region of Germany and the Netherlands during the 18th century, the Embden was then further redefined in England before being brought to America in 1820, initially being know as Bremens. The Embden was developed to be a tall, large goose with good ranging ability; and quickly replaced the American barnyard goose after its arrival due to its excellence as thus.
The Embden in its envisioned role for the farm may questionably be unmatched, to which explains this breeds popularity on the farm ever since its introduction to America; but the Embden is also unquestionably unmatched on the menu. With its large frame also comes a beautifully rich flavor, and a texture that other breeds do not obtain. The Embden has become the standard by which all geese are now measured to, and are irreplaceable upon the Christmas or Martinmas table. The flavor, texture, and size of the Embden goose exemplifies the holidays worldwide.

Why we breed the White Embden

Due to the Embden's large size, white plumage, and easy temperment, the Embden has also become the standard for commercial goose production. We believe it is important to save this heritage breed as was initially intended in being a working part of the farmscape before the genetic alterations of our modern sciences forever change the Embden. For this reason we do not purchase goslings each year, choosing instead to maintain our own line of Embden in the hopes of securing this special piece of our heritage for future generations.
Unlike their commercial couterparts which are raised for 16 weeks, and typically raised for 10-13 weeks for 'green geese', our Embden are raised for 10 months. Being allowed to grow at a slower and more natural pace our Embden are allowed to mature across the full season creating a finer finished bird to grace your table for the holiday season. Being allowed to exercise their natural talents and abilities throughout the year in grazing the fields in concert with our sheep, gleaning fields, and most importantly protecting our other waterfowl from predation, our Embden have truly found their place on the farm. We understand the importance of the traditional Christmas goose, not only throughout history, but also today for your family traditions.

What to Expect From Our White Embden

Our White Embden geese present a distinct flavor and texture that seperates them from their commercial counterparts. Our Embdens have a beautiful strong and rich flavor with a lean yet proper texture. Due to the richness and balanced fullness, our geese create a great centerpiece for the holiday table accompanied by your favorite winter side dishes. Our Embden's distinct attributes can be attributed to the way in which we raise our flocks. It is important to remember that your goose is red meat and should be prepared as any fine steak, no more than medium rare, and should retain its beautiful color. If you have any questions on cooking your goose to perfection feel free in contacting us - we want your experience with our Embden to be its best.

Embden Geese

Ordering Our Geese

All of our geese are made available once a year for Christmas. We also make our geese available for Martinmas or Michaelmas on advanced request. As with all our poultry we never use antibiotics or hormones, and do all processing on our farm to ensure your bird is free from chemicals associated with USDA processing, giving you the highest quality goose available.
Contact us early to reserve your goose as each year our geese normally sell out months in advance.

$10.49/lb - Available 12/22/2018

Due to the limited number of geese we are able to responsibly raise each year, and due to the high demand for our geese each year, we require a non-refundable deposit of $35.00 for each goose ordered. Each goose is presented to you as a whole goose for roasting. For additional fee we will custom butcher your goose per request to fit your needs, including wing removal which is the traditional way to roast and serve your goose.

The above photograph by Jennifer Bakos is from the Edible Communities' 2016 Eddy Awards winning article 'A Christmas Goose' written by Christine Burns Rudalevige. This article written around our White Embden ran in Edible New Hampshire in 2015 and can be read here or by clicking on the photograph itself.

Our geese have also found their way into National Geographic's The Plate with another wonderful article, written by Sarah Brown, 'Is the Christmas Goose Making a Comeback?' This article can be read here.