Introducing Élevage de Volailles

Chocolate Turkey

One of the major differences Élevage de Volailles has from other farms is that while we are trying to feed our community through the poultry and livestock that we breed and raise, we are not raising our poultry and livestock for food production alone. The meats, poultry, and eggs that we produce are byproducts of our breeding and restoration programs, and their progeny testing. With the purchasing of what we produce through these programs, you are purchasing more than some of the highest quality meats, poultry, and eggs; you are purchasing a share in the development of the selected breeds of Élevage de Volailles.

When working with Élevage de Volailles to source for your establishment you are stepping out from the modern model of supplier/consumer and moving into a relationship where you and your establishment play a role in the future of agriculture, and the reclamation of some of antiquities and tomorrows more important domesticates. Those who already work with us do so because they believe in what we are trying to accomplish. They understand that they are not just sourcing, they are investing in all our futures, and the future of the breeds and varieties of poultry and livestock that we are custodians of, if only for this generation.

What To Expect From Élevage de Volailles

Quality, and a steadfast obligation to values. Our commitment is to the betterment of our animals, our bloodlines, and the future of their genetics – not sales. We strongly feel that to re-establish heritage food back into the norm, it must supersede its commercial counterpart in nutrition, flavor, texture, and overall standard. Not allowing substandard product into the marketplace, securing chefs that understand heritage meats and poultry, and menus that represent and advocate the nature of our domesticates are means to successful reintroduction and integration back into the American pallet. While priorities are fluid, values are static. These values in which we operate are non-negotiable. You can expect a new level of quality and purpose when you work with Élevage de Volailles, and we expect the equivalent of values and purpose from those in which we decide to work with.

What Not To Expect From Élevage de Volailles

Élevage de Volailles is not a factory. We do not feedlot, overgraze, or manipulate natural progression or growth to accommodate demand. We also are not a food service distributor, nor do we work with on-demand ordering. Our first commitment is to our animals and land, which means there is a limit to what we are able, and willing to breed and raise. If quantity holds greater influence over quality – we are not the farm for you to work with. We strictly hold to finding establishments that reflect our values and vocation to the betterment of the world that lie ahead.

Our Current Support

Stages at One Washington

Evan Hennessey has been working with Élevage de Volailles since the beginning. Evan has not only invested his money into our bloodlines, he has invested his time, labor, and reputation. Élevage de Volailles poultry and livestock dominate Stages at One Washington’s menu, and has accompanied him across the nation in his collaborative work including The James Beard Foundation. Evan has worked with us across several mediums of print, screen, workshops, and farm to table events. Élevage de Volailles is proud to have had the only chicken to ever grace the menu of Stages at One Washington. Evan Hennessey has dedicated serval years and continues to help Élevage de Volailles develop and refine our level of quality and breed selection.

Evan Hennessey: Stages at One Washington
Evan Hennessey: Stages at One Washington
Photo Credit Anthony Tieuli

"Quality to me, is something that is defined by the individualized care and attention given to each element of one’s work and the reason behind it. In this case, from the very beginning of the process, to that moment when our guest take their final bites, and we bid them good night. Jim and I have not only a partnership in business, but a great friendship, which truly shows in everything we do together. The quality of Jim’s work, and therefore his birds, is far superior to anything I’ve ever experienced." - Evan Hennessey

Black Trumpet Bistro

Evan Mallett has worked with Élevage de Volailles since day one supporting our reclamation of heritage poultry through his restaurants, writings, events, and donations. In 2014 Evan highlighted our poultry in The Heirloom Harvest Barn Dinner, donated his time to help us in our 2015 Waterfowl Workshop, gave us accolade in his 2016 book “Black Trumpet: A Chef's Journey Through Eight New England Seasons”, and continues to support our breeding programs through The Black Trumpet Bistro menu. We proudly supply The Black Trumpet Bistro with our Embden geese for their Christmas dinner event each year. Evan Mallett continues to be an important member of Élevage de Volailles success and future.

Evan Mallett: Black Trumpet Bistro
Evan Mallett: Black Trumpet Bistro
Photo Credit Gregory Rec

“Every once in a great while, a chef encounters a farm that embraces everything s/he stands for. When I first met Jim and Annette Czack, I knew they were the real deal. Heritage breed animals play a vital role in righting the wrongs of our industrial food supply chain, and Élevage de Volailles delivers rare breeds that have been lovingly raised on a combination of natural forage. I deeply appreciate and genuinely adore all the food I have bought from the Czacks over the years, and I look forward to seeing their farm thrive in its new location for many years to come.” - Evan Mallett

Scamman Farm

Kirk and Sue Scamman have watched Élevage de Volailles grow from its infancy to what it is today. With their advice and helping hand of experience along our journey we have been able to mature as a true working farm with less growing pains. Scamman Farm sells our chicken, duck, and turkey eggs, meats and poultry in their farm store and their Seacoast Community Marketplace. Kirk and Sue are also proponents of the preservation work that we do supporting our work through raising our Dark Cornish for their own family and customers, enabling us to broaden our progeny testing and genetic evaluations beyond what our farm could maintain. Each year they have made sure that our Black Welsh Mountain Sheep have the correct hay produced off their fields to ensure us the greatest percentage of success in securing the next healthy generation of our growing flock, and have spent enough time delivering hay, evaluating and consulting us on our own fields to earn Sainthood. Kirk and Sue exemplify community in the local agricultural landscape.

To each retail grocery store committed to supporting local agriculture and giving us shelf space for our eggs we give our heartfelt gratitude. These stores understand the work that we do and the nature of our reclamation programs. A large part of being able to continue our vocation come from their support.